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    This was a casual picture taken with my GRD while walking the dog. Hope u like the way i envisioned it. Cheers~

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    This is great!

    Very evocative, the tones of the GRD and the upward reaching branches. nicely melancholic.

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    thanks.anymore comments?

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    no mre feedback? be as critical as u can

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    Quote Originally Posted by tan131 View Post
    no mre feedback? be as critical as u can
    the photo doesn't work for me...

    the perspective is too low for my liking
    regardless of the perspective the trees on the left creates better abstract than the trees on the right.(kinda messy)
    the dark area on the bottom right doesn't relate to the idea of the photo(no story)
    vignetting is a tad too much and the blown sky doesn't really work for me..

    just my opinion...don't me...



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