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Thread: A Frindly Appearance

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    Default A Frindly Appearance

    I took this photos while I was travelling in China

    This guy just made a suprised appearance but frendly and I just snapped one shot in a hurry manner. What do you think of this photo?

    Thank you for your comments.


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    Colour's a little off in this picture. You might want to fix it. This is a very snapshot-ish image. But good for recording your trip. But for serious critique, I really don't know what you want to achieve here. It is just a holiday snapshot. And the shot has obvious camera shake too. You might want to work on the image in post and then repost again. I found the Tarzan covers very hilarious!

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    1) Composition needs work, looks more like record shot than anything else as mentioned
    2) Photo is too reddish
    3) Too much DOF? What do you intend to achieve - that's the question, if you want to show the guy in his "setting" versus a portrait


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