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Thread: Need help on slave flash...

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    Default Need help on slave flash...

    Currently I got 2 flash unit, vivitar 736aFM and minolta 5400HS. Instead of lying in my cabi i wanted to use them as my slave flash... I koe there is a product which i can use but it only meant for a centre pin flash... Any idea whether my 2 flash unit can use as slave... Pls Pls help...

    oh the flash is minolta mount..

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    Yes to your original question - can use.

    Bear in mind that your master flash (the one that triggers all the others) CANNOT be a digital unit synced to your cam unless your master set-up does not have a pre-flash, or you can switch off or bypass the pre-flash.

    Reason being that the pre-flash which most DSLRs use to pre-determine correct exposure will trigger off all your slaved units before the shutter opens.

    The other alternative is to use digital-ready optical slaves, or to use an analog master.


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