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    Default Portfolio: ReVisited


    Heaven Bound


    Morning Dew

    Port & the City

    "High Wired, Dream Sired"

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    your "heaven bound" appeals to me alot... very strange feel to it but the symmetry and colour tones are beautiful

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    Pic 1 is no no for me, nothing looks impressive or exceptional to me, the sea or the sky. I have seen better sea and better sky! Good try, wolfgang...

    The remaining pics however get my adrenaline pumped up a little.

    Pic 2: When I saw this, I always wonder what's that "thing" at the bottom which severed the parallel roads to a stop! It kept me guessing... Nonetheless, very interesteing composition but somehow I don't think it is incredibly sharp.

    Pic 3: My favourite of all, the grain, the black & white and all.

    Pic 4: The dew is lovely but the background is not, unfortunately you can't do anything about it. But hey, the spider can! The top right highlight is no excuse, wolfgang...

    Even if you can't move or change the background, you can always do a little bit of "gardening". The protruding grass at the bottom right "third" needs scissoring.

    Pic 5: Very interesting viewpoint too but again not sharp!!! The wind must be strong up there ehhh or your tripod must be getting weaker! Or both!
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    Agreed the 3rd caught my eyes, but the rest... Keep shooting.

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    Actually, didn't really have much to comment/critique, but the 3rd pic is such a winner I had to say something. And since this is the Portfolio section, I had to say something on the rest as well, so here goes ...

    Pic 1 & 5 :
    Seems to be quite ordinary shots, so no real wow! factor here...

    Pic 2 :
    Very interesting composition! Overall lighting is quite well captured. The perspective is so engaging, I think any minor faults will be easily overlooked!

    Pic 3 :
    Did I mention this is a winner? Ok, to nitpick, the top may be a little tight, but really, the composition, the expressions, the b/w, the grain.., this is a wow!

    Pic 4 :
    A little wasted there. I think it could have been better if u did a vertical format and concentrate on the web/dew on the left, ie. ignore that big leaf and the bit of dewdrops on the bottom right.

    My 2cents



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