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    Hi i was hoping somebody could point me in the direction of some simple software that will allow me to:-

    1) Crop without losing the EXIF information
    2) Provide a reasonable auto colour/contrast correction without myself having to learn to much
    3) Allow me to add the nice borders and Signatures that I see so often on photos posted on this site.


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    Are you ok with Photoshop?

    Though it can probably do all that and more..

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    try iphoto which comes with all new macs which are able to do all these you requests in an easy way.

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    was looking to avoid Adobe Photoshop and I dont have a Mac to run iphoto. Is there a PC equivalent?

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    There are some free photo editing software available here and there, try GIMP, I think that's the name.

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    The GIMP matches all your requirements reasonably, but if all you need is just the mentioned requirements, it will end up overkill.

    On the up side, its free, so doesn't hurt to learn.

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    Thanks everyone.


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