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Thread: any suggestions?

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    Lightbulb any suggestions?

    introduced to clubsnap by a friend and gotta say i'm awfully thankful

    i've got a digicam - fujifilm finepix 2800 in july last year.

    reasons then were,
    1. i've always wanted a digicam
    2. it's high time getting one as i'm going on a trip in less than 1 week's time
    3. this dc uses AA batts (dun wanna left high n dry in the event when even the spare batt dies on me, AA is easily available)
    4. this dc offers 6x optical zoom
    5. i could only afford a 2mega pixel range dc given my budget at that time

    and soon after the trip,
    1. i kindda wished that i've got a smaller dc. As my dc is quite a biggie, gotta carry a bag where ever i go with it. high sheesh factor here!
    2. to make it worse, fujifilm discontinued this dc and came out with much fancier models.
    3. also 2mega pixels dc pricing seems to drop faster den i can finish the installments for my dc. arrrgh

    but of cos, i cant deny my dc has served me well during its tenure. the zoom the pictures the colours are simiply great! i also cant quite bear to part with my dc since its my maiden dc.

    now it's like at the crossroads, of cos everything boils down to budget, budget, budget... sharks! i wanna get a dc with more pixels with more functions. should i sell my dc n get a new one? or should i just get another dc?

    i do fancy a prosumer dc that i can kindda really get into digital photography as well as a compact dc that i can carry it with me easily when i'm travelling

    anyway, i have now
    - a fujifilm finepix 2800 together with the standard package
    - 64mb SM card (used)
    - 128mb SM card (brand new, its a gift)

    i'd need suggestions from the gurus what to do after finishing the above 'story'

    many thanks in advance!!!

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    keep it for the time being...u never know when u may need it again.
    meanwhile try search n readup for other models. take your time..theres no hurry.


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