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Thread: Album Stories @ Peninsula Plaza

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    Hi Simon

    Good to have you come up and clear the air personally. I am sure you meant well, but had it phrased/understood the wrong way. I spoke to you when you just opened for business and I do reckon how your frank thoughts can be misunderstood.

    Sometimes, I would rather receive diplomatically blunt opinions than to let a vendor sooth my ego, digging depper into my wallet.

    Do contribute more to this forum where you can.

    And.... welcome to Clubsnap.

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    im amazed. The power of the internet. Word of mouth through internet really big impact.
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    Having had the pleasure of speaking to Simon for a few minutes, I really must defend him to say that he is really a nice guy and his information and service he was willing to provide me has been excellent. I would certainly give him the benefit of doubt as being in a consumer business is really tough and when communicating with hundreds of clients everyday, it's hard to ensure that everyone takes one's word in the proper context.

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    Default Album Stories @ Peninsula Plaza

    Since Simon have made an apology, that is really a nice gesture. My point is that we are one way or another serving our field of expertise and providing good customer service is very impt.

    I would have to apologise too for starting this thread. Since it has all end, dear mod, please remove this thread. Thanks.


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    Quote Originally Posted by gossipmonger View Post
    Hmmm, how strange... Was in the shop just a few days ago and he entertained me for about 30-40mins, answering every question I put forward to him. Even told me the prices of some the products they do (customized albums, pocket-sleeve albums, calendars etc.).

    He asked for a name card and I told him I didnt have one on me. Maybe I was lucky as it was lunchtime and no one entered the shop while i was there.

    I do agree that his answers or tone of voice can get rather condescending....
    Hi Simon good to have you here to clear the air, as for the service standard of your new shop, only time will tell. From what you have replied I am sure we will have more positive remarks about your shop in CS in time to come. I will visit your shop in the near future to test test you All the best to your new business.
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