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Thread: SCV EPL football broadcast & freakonomics

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    Default SCV EPL football broadcast & freakonomics

    In the book 'Freakonomics', it talks about economics in real life as opposed to what the textbook, Economics says. It turns economics assumptions upside down.

    According to economics, more competition = lower prices. But the reverse happened in EPL football broadcasting. SCV outbid Singtel (new competitor) for EL rights at a substantial premium! Now viewers gotta pay more $ because a new competitor came in & SCV panicked & bid so high they said no more ESPN football where am I going to get my football tips?

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    Default Re: SCV EPL football broadcast & freakonomics

    Hey I read that book too, quite enjoyable

    But I dun think you can use freakonomics to describe what is happening with StarHub SCV EPL subscription... the way I look at it, there's no competition, its "winner takes all" and SCV won the rights and hence can charge what price it wants.

    Monopoly seems a better word.

    Btw I am cancelling my CH23 this Oct


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