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Thread: BreezeBrowser v2.6a

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    Default BreezeBrowser v2.6a

    BreezeBrowser has been upgraded to v2.6a. Here are the list of changes

    1. Comprehensive display of Canon EOS 10D shooting data
    2. Added focus point overlay display for Canon EOS 10D raw images
    3. Raw conversion color profile support extended to allow separate profiles for each camera model. Also added new automatic option which uses the raw conversion color space setting to embed sRGB or AdobeRGB profiles in converted files (Canon EOS 10D, 1D and 1DS only)
    4. Added option in "Extract embedded JPEGs" to set the timestamp of the extracted files to the time and date the image was shot
    5. Now reads JPEGs with .jpe and .jpeg file extensions (as well as .jpg)
    6. Fixed problem with raw conversion settings not being correctly initialised in the raw conversion dialog

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    Ahhh! When is Adobe going to support EOS 10D raw?

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    Its inability to support drag-and-drop to another application (e.g. Photoshop) is the biggest disappointment I have with BreezeBrowser.


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