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Thread: lost in picture quality

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    Default lost in picture quality

    i realised my picture quality is lost after i posted online on multiply. colors became sightly more flat.

    does any user of multiply faces the same problem? or even from any other picture hosting website? how to prevent?

    i already shrink it to the size i want before i do my editing on it.

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    Check that the color space that you save to, for upload to multiply, is sRGB and not Adobe RGB.
    Or else, change the color space setting in your camera to shoot in sRGB

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    the color space in my photoshop is at sRGB already. so could it be something to do with my cam's sRGB?

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    if ur camera and photoeditor/raw converter all working in sRGB, then it might be that your monitor is not calibrated.

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    oh. i think i know how already. just got to click on the full size image on multiply. thumbnail shows the pic in low res.


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