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    Hi i'd like to ask how to link these equipment up to fire the 580ex II off camera.

    1/ YS-A jinbei transmiter mount by hot shoe (male)
    2/ YS-A jinbei trigger (receiver) has a 3.5mm jack (male) output
    3/ 580ex II with pc sync (female) and hot shoe (male)
    4/ canon 5D with hot shoe (female) and pc sync (female)
    5/ cable with 2 heads: 3.5mm jack (male) and pc sync (male)

    all i want is to trigger the 580ex ii off camera wirelessly

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    1) Get a male-male PC Sync Cord, this looks like the cheapest option.


    1) For wireless, get a hotshoe adaptor that accepts 3.5mm jack (not sure if such a product is around, but i guess so)

    2) Modify the 580EX II to accept 3.5mm jack

    3) Buy a 3.5mm jack - PC male-tip cord (Cathay is selling i think for their Skyport units), get a 3.5mm female-female adaptor


    Get PWs. The default cords that ship with the units will work on the 580EX II w/o further issues.
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