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Thread: $2,500 to rent a 3-room flat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by psychobiologist View Post
    a 10 year high, reporting on a 2005 statistic in 2007 :P
    Well spotting, ST seem to downplay the issue without mentioning the year.

    Quote Originally Posted by
    Jurong flat's rent too high? It's 'jumbo' unit
    CAN a three-room flat in Jurong East really fetch $2,500 in rent a month?
    This was a question that emerged after The Straits Times published a story last Saturday on rising rental prices for Housing Board flats.
    One example of flats fetching monthly rents of above $2,000 was a three-room flat at Block 253, Jurong East Street 24 that went for $2,500.
    The Straits Times checked out the flat yesterday following some online discussions, which highlighted that it was unusual for such a flat to command a high rent.
    The rent was indeed $2,500 a month but the unit in question was actually a 'jumbo' flat, which comprised two adjoining three-room units. However, it was captured as a three-room transaction in the database of property agency ERA Singapore.
    After checking with the agent who brokered the deal, an ERA spokesman clarified that the $2,500 rent is for the space equivalent to two three-room flats. The landlord had knocked down the adjoining wall to combine the units. The flat is now rented to a company, ERA added.
    A number of flats, particularly on the top floor, were vacant owing to retrofitting works being done. The ground floor is taken up by shops.
    The average monthly rent for three-room flats islandwide for April to June ranged from $900 to $1,100, according to data from PropNex. In some locations such as Bukit Merah, Toa Payoh and Tampines, however, monthly rents have reached $1,700 to $2,000 for some three-room flats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by htthach View Post
    my friends are renting a 4 bed room flat at yew tee for 2.5k also
    so not so hard to believe i think
    You did not click on the link and read the finding right? *shake head*

    Go and read first then comment lah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will03 View Post
    hmm...... this is interesting......
    u want to rent your studio for people to sleep?
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    Smile Re: $2,500 to rent a 3-room flat?

    the fact is out. this unit in jurong east is a jumbo flat, comprising two three rms flats with the partition wall knocked down. no wonder.

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    The thing to learn about this is that without active probing, there are people/companies/organisations/government bodies who will say anything which may or may not be well founded, and leave an impression to the public. We need more of such "spotters" and "questioners" else we just become a society fed to believe everything we hear, especially if it comes from a seemingly official sounding source.

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