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Thread: What is the real standard of service in Singapore?

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    Default What is the real standard of service in Singapore?

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    Food not great, staff chit-chatting, waiter flippant when insect found in salad. Secret Recipe for good service

    I WOULD like to comment on the service provided by the Secret Recipe outlet at Plaza Singapura. Besides maintaining a good standard of service, it is equally, if not more important to have the recipe for good service. I had an intriguing yet disappointing encounter at Secret Recipe last Thursday.

    Although the food was not great at Secret Recipe (at least at this Plaza Singapura outlet where I had a salty chicken chop), the service left me and my friend with a deep impression. We were waiting to be seated. The waiters were everywhere in the half-filled restaurant, serving tables, walking around, chit-chatting at the counter - everything except taking those in the queue to a table.

    I particularly liked the way they handled situations. I found an insect in the salad that came with the chicken chop and alerted the waiter when he came to collect the plates.

    'I think there's a fly in the salad,' I told him. He calmly replied: 'I think that's an insect, not a fly,' and walked away.

    We were not expecting compensation of any sort. Just a 'sorry' would have been comforting. At least we'd have known they care.

    Lee Kum Ling (Miss)

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    Default Re: What is the real standard of service in Singapore?

    i was browsing the ST forum when i saw this story. i personally thought it was appalling for a service staff to blatantly ignore foreign matter in a dish, be it insect, wrapping plastic, bits of metal from a can.

    anyone else have experienced ridiculous service here? (i classify this as ridiculous, not just bad service!)


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