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Thread: dry box?

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    Question dry box?

    hey friends..i just got my sLr ..izit a must to hv a dry box??which one of the box is good ,the plastic or etc...:

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    U shld get a dry cabinet to keep ur equipment dry if not grow fungus...

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    yes a dry cabinet is very necessary..i use to place my equipments inside a drybox and dump in some silica gel..but its too dry causing the body to become sticky on the rubber parts..and the lens starts to get cranky too..think the lubricant was dry up oso..
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    It's not a must but rather more preferable & less inconvenience. Check out the ones at Carrefour or Digital Point at Suntec City.
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    thanks alot my photo friends ,i will find the dry box soon...

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    Get one that is larger than your current needs to cater for future expansion.


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