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Thread: there, she rest.

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    Default there, she rest.

    1st of the 1st-est. im nu here.

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    please take note of the posting guidelines for critique corner


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    Wow can you enlighten me please, because I have spent 2 mins looking at the picture but still cant make out what is it Is it abstract??
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    welcome to CS, but I also can't really understand the photo, could you explain more?

    at first glance i thought its those chinese wedding dresses lying on a red table.. but i can't really tell..

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    ooooooopss!! im so sorry. was so excited to post something. hehh..

    yea, id probably say its abstract. its not really a wedding dress. its a corner of a room. with a bed. [actually, my sis's bed].
    i was using my SE hp. i dun own any monsters like u guys. not yet... im barely legal. stil schooling
    what i tried was just randomly swirling around. i learnt "Just" in art class or mebe... erm.. something like following the instinct. i guess almost all photographer follows their instinct to determine where, when n what to take... before the calculations n other things... right? wrong?
    well. thats what i was hoping to do.
    the room looks red coz of the lights. my sis has that yellow light instead of the regular. i like how it looks on the things in the room.
    so its not much what is wrong like the focus n stuff, but the "just" of the picture when looking at all three in a glance.

    n i soooo adore this forum!

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    That's very unique... I like the swirling effect... Grungy... hmm... I like.

    I felt that it is a bit inconsistent - the first cell to the left actually stands apart from pictures of the second and third cells. There doesn't seem to be enough swirl on the picture to the left most corner.

    You might probably want to try adding some swirl to your left most picture, so all three looks consistent in effects.

    Looking from another perspective, there isn't enough exaggeration on the amount of the swirling effect on the rightmost cell, if enough of it is applied, combined it with apparent calm on the leftmost picture, it should depict a gradual intensification of the effect. little or no swirl... some swirl, a lot of swirl.

    Also, try it with people's faces, it'd be a lot of fun...

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    Quote Originally Posted by graphitereverance View Post

    1st of the 1st-est. im nu here.
    Look like a photoshop image ?

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    erm. no. just the HP editor feature.


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