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Thread: Hong Kong Night Scene - Fine Dining?

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    Default Hong Kong Night Scene - Fine Dining?

    Shot taken with my old JVC 3MP DC, a bit blurrish due to slow shutter. Never leave home without your tripod/monopod.
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    I think the picture does not do justice to the title "FOOD!".

    The restaurant looks like it has a lot of potential for generating interesting photos. For example, the diaply of food and the hanging menus.

    Did you manage to take any other photos of the place?

    - Roy
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    I didn't take more abstract shots of the restaurant. Was walking around looking for food at that time, so it's more like a snap and go, before wifey starts grumbling.

    I do have another shot of the same stall, taken on another nite, with better white balance, but somehow I prefer the first one with orange cast.

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    I think the picture does not do justice to the title "FOOD!".
    Hrm, how about the new title?

    . I won't forget the first time I smell "smelly tofu" in HK, I tot a rubbish truck is nearby....

    I missed the chance of trying too. Wifey won't let me go back to hotel room if I'll to eat it.

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    More pictures here.

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    Originally posted by togu
    Still have the setting? iso,aperture,shutter speed?

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    Er... as stated in the meta info, should be this

    ISO : 80
    Shutter : 1/15
    Aperture : F3.4


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