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Thread: Panasonic FX30 vs Canon 850IS

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    Default Panasonic FX30 vs Canon 850IS


    My friend wish to get a new PnS camera.

    But then, she is confused over this two cameras.

    Hope u experts out there can help in giving your opinions..


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    Default Re: Panasonic FX30 vs Canon 850IS

    If your friend is a casual shooter, she probably wants a cheap and good cam and one that is small and light. Especially so since she's a lady (ok a bit of a bias here but most gals like really compact cams.) Then I'd recommend the FX30.

    The Canon is slightly bulkier, heavier, more expensive, and may not have certain features that the FX30 has. Canon really ought to wake up in this aspect.

    But image quality wise, the Canon is better. If your friend has a high priority on quality, go for Canon. Then again, how much is better. This one she got to decide herself. Usually, for most beginners or those who simply want to shoot for fun, they won't find the diff important or obvious.


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