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    Anyone using DxO Pro ?

    Latest is 4.5.

    Would like to hear any comment for this product

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    I have used DXO optics Pro 3.5 and it worked great for my Panasonic FZ30..
    I left it in fully auto mode and it did a lot of correction like Lens distortion, noise colour...

    Now I am using the DXO Optics Elite 4.5 and it also does a wonderfull job with my D80.

    It uses lots of computing power.. and does a wonderful job.

    here is Ken Rockwell's review...

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    In our opinion, this is a superb software and is worth every cent. It is very powerful but is easy to use as well if you leave it to automatically process every image. It is however really power hungry and you would wish you had the most powerful PC.


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