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Thread: Advice on Photography Talk Situation

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    Hi there, I have a situation and would like your opinions.

    Back in March, I have posted a request for service in which I need a photographer to give talk to a level of secondary school students in school hall. The talk would last for 1 hour each session in the afternoon, after school hours and there will be a total of 2 sessions, one week apart.

    The topic would mainly be stuff on how to take good pictures, the various methods, how to critique and appreciate, anything that can be covered in total 2 hrs etc. Maybe we can show good photographs and explain too. We could even talk about career prospect, or even history of photography. The purpose is to give this group of secondary students some information/knowledge of photography and maybe hopefully could ignite their interest. We also hope that they would learn a trick or two on how to shoot good photos, even with a simple digital point and shoot camera and maybe to avoid some common mistakes.

    I received several pms. Finally after some pms here and there, I met up with a photographer. During the meeting, I was impressed with his knowledge and experiences. He even showed me some of his photos and shared with me his experiences. So we decided to work together. The dates and time of the talk were confirmed too. I was supposed to remind him again when the date gets near.

    Now the date of the talk is nearing and I am having a very difficult time finding him. I called him couple of weeks back to reconfirm the talk and I also sent him an email with regards to the talk. Few days back he replied the email and we decided to meet up and we arranged for Wednesday afternoon. We spoke briefly on Tuesday. I was supposed to call him before going to his place on Wednesday.

    On Wednesday itself, I called many times but his phone was off. I messaged him with no reply. On Thursday, which was yesterday morning I called again and the phone rang with no answer. I called a while later and the phone was off. I have been trying to reach him until now and I still cannot get him.

    It is kind of panicking for me as the date of the talk is nearing and I am not able to locate him. I don't know what has happened. Did he has a change of mind and decided not to fufill his agreement? If so why did he not tell me directly instead of avoiding me.

    Or has something unfortunate happened to him or he has a sudden assignment overseas that he is uncontactable? Could it be that he has lost his mobile and thus become uncontactable? He has my email though. I really hope he is fine.

    Should I get another photographer? But the scheduled photographer is uncontactable and he did not mention about backing out. Should I just wait and hope that he will contact me and also turn up for the talk? What if he doesn't? I cannot imagine that.

    I am stucked with the decisions I would need to make. Anyone in this kind of dilemma before? All comments and suggestions are welcomed. Thank you.

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    i think the easiest is to get another person to do the talk ....
    if you still have those PMs and e-mails then it should not be difficult.
    otherwise approach one of the photo clubs or photo societies .... i am sure they will help.

    Good Luck ...

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    Arrow Re: Advice on Photography Talk Situation

    Is this a paid gig ?

    What's your backup plan ?

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    Default Re: Advice on Photography Talk Situation

    PM u..

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    Default Re: Advice on Photography Talk Situation

    forget him. If he is not offering you the basic courtesy, I don't think you should extend it to him.

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    Default Re: Advice on Photography Talk Situation

    probably good to look for someone else ...

    not sure if you've heard of this photographer from Lianhe Zaobao

    Bob Lee

    he'd been involved in Eye City events before, seems like he's also teaching at Nafa, so i thought he might be a good photographer to engage with for your project. maybe you can try contact him and ask him if he can help you.
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    Default Re: Advice on Photography Talk Situation

    在这个年头, 可以信得过的人真的是少之又少了。

    I'm very sad to know of your plight. A lot of people nowadays are like this. Promise something cannot make it yet just want to run away from it. Very sad indeed...

    Start finding someone else mate. This guy is not worth waiting for.

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    Default Re: Advice on Photography Talk Situation

    I suggest since you have problem contacting him be it his fault or not, you should get a back up asap.

    If he cannot gives you assurance, you have your rights to change right? You should not risk the whole hall of students waiting for "no show".
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    Nothing sad, nothing new, and nothing will change.

    Many Asians, or at least, South East Asians are like that. How to educate entire nations or generations of habit to actually be considerate, or at least professional? They will only be on the ball in follow up IF they want something from you, or if they have something to loose if they don't. Gran-pa oredi said, our one is a sad one lah - only know two ting - leward or punishmen.

    As suggested - PLAN B, C and if need be, D. Most important is to deliver on your side.

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    Thank you for your replies. This 2 hour talk is a paid job. As for the rates, I got the photographer to quote. If it is reasonable we are both comfortable, then it should be alright.

    I did not have any backup plan. It is kind of weird for me to do that at the beginning assuming one will not turn up/ become uncontactable, even before we start working together right?

    I guess right now I just have to look for another suitable photographer to fill in his shoes. There are many good photographers around and I need someone who is able to present well and confidently too.

    I just sent another email last night and will try calling him again today.

    Have a great Saturday ....


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