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Thread: What are the chances?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadpoet View Post
    Chances are, they will fail and that is guaranteed 100%. The variable is if they will fail during an important shoot?

    It's all in your appetite for risk and your tolerance for risk. If either are low, well, the only alternative is to bring a second or third body.

    Long time ago, when I was shooting film with manual cameras, once, 5 out of 6 camera jammed. Talk about stressed!
    The main reason why I always insist on using Nikon. Not because I'm brand loyal or anything. Just that in the film days, Nikon appears to be the most rugged and reliable with Minolta in second followed by Canon and Olympus. Leica R are the worst followed by Contax and then Pentax. They are not made to be reliable workhorse. These are based on my observation because I have friends which uses these bodies.
    Don't know about now because I don't really care that much with other brands now.

    I don't shoot weddings for a living but when friends do ask to cover the event, I will use 2 bodies, F4 and FM2 as a spare. I never had any problems with F4.

    Now I will still use 2 bodies, D2X and D200 or D70s. Sometimes its also easier to have lenses of different range on the different bodies but it an be quite taxing on the neck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry Potter View Post
    The only thing that dun fail is the rising and setting of the sun
    i think another thing tat never fails is ur TAXES
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    If budget constraint, just rent a spare body. Better safe than sorry.

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