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Thread: Everybody needs RAID! please do so today!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoossh View Post
    does the uploading slow down your pc?
    Nope. Don't feel it at all. Its just transferring info, barely any processor work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExplorerZ View Post
    I would definitely drop the idea of uploading it to some internet remote storage unless its meant for sharing purpose, a external HDD is way faster. At the current rate of our dear ISP, good external harddisk is at least 20x faster.
    It is SLOW. I mentioned that already. But the purpose is remote backup. And its cheap. Its meant for stuff that you are NOT working on now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Override2Zion View Post
    Wah thats ultra redundency, "1 set in every continent".

    Backing up is one issue but keeping them up to date is individual discipline, can have many HDDs but seldom synchronize or backup will be as good as none.
    Yes(those highlighted in Blue)its very important so as not to 'defeat the purpose' of 'housing under diff roof' coz very very unlikely to have 2 or more, diff roof/s on fire/&/or etc, at one go, right?
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    Hi all,

    My backup is quite straight forward.

    2 drives in my PC (one is C: the other is for backup)

    1 external (USB) 250GB hard drive.

    1 100GB pocket sized USB hard drive.

    A box of DVD's

    I have at one time lost both my backup drive in the PC and the external 250MB drive.

    Fortunately I always back up to my pocket (100GB) drive and really lost nothing other than time.

    The main thing is ... DO NOT BE LAZY, back up your work to an external drive !!!

    The time you think, "oh, I will do it tomorrow", is the time the gremlins will get in and kill it all.

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    i only do a plain simple backup.
    C: (main) and D: (backup)

    Now i am thinking of doing 1 ext hdd backup.
    And if possible additional backup (on hdd or dvd) pass to my siblings who do not stay with me.
    Better still, if can find reliable friend overseas, just send him my dvd backups every year only.

    But when it comes to burning dvds, it is damn tedious.
    1. For 3 yrs, i alrdy have 20GB data, so 10 yrs is 100GB. To burn 100GB, I need to do it on 22 DVDs. This is really alot of time (but i think still ok if doing it yearly only).

    2. To put 100GB into DVDs, the directories will be separated/broken down into parts.
    This will make backup very messy or confusing. Not unless you use software like Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image. They can help you compress filesize and also retain the directories. You can even set password to keep them safe from unauthorised access, and also can do scheduled backup (scheduling is more applicable for hdd if you have >4.7GB of data). However to view pictures, you need to do a few steps before viewing and this is rather not straightforward. But bear in mind, this is only for backup, day to day viewing photos are already in your running hdds.
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