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    GUYS this girl has been missing for over a week around the marine terrace area. ANYONE around singapore who might have seen her, please call the numbers stated in the livejournal. thank you!

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    What's particularly disturbing were the allegations that the police were dragging their feet about the whole matter.

    According to the Straits Times report (

    July 17, 2007

    Girl went missing after leaving for work last month

    Ms Teo was last seen leaving for work from her flat at Block 233, Bain Street at 6pm. -- PHOTO: SPF

    A 19-YEAR-OLD woman, Felicia Teo Wei Ling, has been missing since June 29 this year, after last seen leaving for work in the evening.
    The police issued a release on Tuesday appealing for information on her.

    I am sure there may be circumstances that no one knows about though.
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    There are so many missing people in Singapore; I'm sure you've seen all of the reports here and there, one place I know with loads of posters regarding such incidents is Bedok MRT, I think.

    Anything can happen, I guess, but if there are no leads, I don't really think anyone, let alone the police can do anything much. If the family does not even know where the missing person is, being family; then how do you expect a policeman at his desk looking at the folder with no real clues at a stranger's file to find the person? It's easier said than done.

    On a separate point, there were quite a number who got suckered in by the Nigerian side's scams, some went over to confront the people responsible, it seems; bodies were either found or the person just vanished into thin air.

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    hope she don't end up in a cardboard box.


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