Went to try out the S5 at Canon showroom in Vivocity, like the continous shooting even with the flash on (very fast between shots). So much faster than my Olympus 550. Also like the Canon swivel LCD display and ability to use back my 430ex flash. No RAW is ok as I don't use it at all. The only reason why I'm thinking of getting rid of the Oly is because of this slow capturing problem which was also highlighted in DP Review. Does anybody know why the Oly 550 behave like this since I'm not technically knowledgeable as I'm just a point-n-shoot guy. Only concerned when getting the S5 is that I have to spent another $250 for the adapter and wide angle lens as I like to have 28mm. The guy at Canon suggest that I get the A630 and use the money saved for the wide angle lens/adapter. The Digic III is the only thing I won't get and it's not really that important in my case.