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    I just came back from a 4D3N free and easy taipei city tour. This is the sunset photo took at taipei damshui fisherman's wharf. It is a beautiful place. Though touristy, it's really a pretty good time, with shops selling every imaginable thing, a lot of great street food, a diverse crowd of Taiwanese and foreigners, and arcades!

    Please comment. Thank you!

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    sorry to say, i but i can't seem to see any impact for this photo, perhaps you wanna tell us what you are trying to capture here.

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    Hi, may be you can adj your level a bit. I think the sun is a bit over... If you use highligh/shadow, then may be able to bring out more details in the clouds and boats.

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    The image is not very sharp. What camera and which lens are u using? and where are you focusing on?

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    i was there b4, believe me very difficult to expose the scene appropriately unless you do double exposure and photoshop the 2 together.

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    Should have crossed the bridge back to the other side a little more, or shoot from the boardwalk on level 2 to get an alternative view of the sunset. This shot is messy and the exposure is not right. Maybe it is because I am too familiar with Dan Shui, therefore disappointed at this shot (there are a lot more that Dan Shui has to offer for photo opportunities). You could have also waited for boats entering the wharf to catch the reflection/backlit image of it against the setting sun. Taiwanese weather is not good for sunset shots, so this is a good chance wasted. Along the food street, you could have also taken the sun set with the docked boats in the middle of the stretch with Ba Li in the background. These are all various opportunities. You might have some of these shots, so maybe share the alternative views as the one posted did not work.

    Along the back street are fantastic opportunities for people photography as well... and at the end of Dan Shui street, where Starbucks is, has nice overhung trees touching the water surface at higher tides that makes great compositions.

    Just sharing some of the experiences I have with that place. I love Dan Shui and what she has to offer. The food is great like you have said, and a lot of funny street performers too. There is a temple there too for photo opportunities.
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    I was there too just last month, heard there will be a nice place to catch sunset. BUt was disappointed and only came up with these. But nothing was lost, i still took tons of photos from there, the street peddlers, the artists, the street performers....etc.

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    Nice second level desk pictures... the clutter on the bridge made shooting a little tough, not to mention the wind conditions as well. Thanks for sharing your images.


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