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    Sigh...after yesterday's rack attack, I was feeling really bummed out. In fact I woke up several times during the night thinking about it.

    I really didn't want to shoot today, but told myself I had to try, despite my negative mood.

    The result of all that fooling around ... a tribute to those who like white and bright; my totally uninspired, sterile catalog shot of grilled pork chop with herbs, served with a red-wine glace and roasted potatoes.

    At least you won't have to put up with anymore pork pix, and sorry for the macabre mood and cryptic title. I wanted to put the 'P--' word (since I'm not going to do anymore porkchops for now) but that might have offended.
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    wow.. your wife is v lucky men who can cook well
    chezburgr i can haz?

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    Hey, din c your comment...

    The flame charred parts, especially near the bone and behind the rack was especially yummy! Hehehe...


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