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Thread: Is it worth going overseas for uni education?

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    As an academic (in finance) at an Aussie university, allow me to add my cheapo AUD$0.02 to the discussions lah. As background info I did my undergrad and postgrad degrees in Aust (did my high school in S'pore). My masters and PhD are from Sydney University.

    First of all, 1st class honours is an achievement no matter which university it's from. Having a H1 degree means that "you're a cut above the rest", and that in and by itself is meaningful. Sure one can always argue that having a H1 degree from an A-list university is more prestigious - that's subjective and in fact a matter of perspective.

    Secondly, NUS is not as bad as you'd think. In the Asian/Australian ranking of universities, NUS has been up there consistently. As comparison only sandstone Aussie universities are up on the list and perhaps only 3 of them beat NUS, and not by much to boot. I've learned over the years working as an academic that while there's a need for good people (i.e. lecturers AND researchers), you can't get them without having a deep pocket. The Ivy League schools have very deep pockets because in general their students pay full-fees plus the fact that they've got excellent financial contributions from their alumnis as well as the businesses. Their people are paid very well. To compare NUS to them is like comparing apples and oranges because, really, Singapore is a small island and has what 5 million people tops? Australian unis are also struggling because of the same reasons.

    For investment banking having a good undergrad degree is of course essential, but one must also display other qualities that would make you an employable banker (excellent communication skills, teamwork etc). I have had H1 students rejected outright by IBs before eventhough they're quality students. I myself almost ended up in IB but I was "saved" when I saw my colleague returned to academia after spending a few years in a top american IB firm looking frail and exhausted.

    Oh yeah, I thought I'd add that quite a few Aussie academics (myself included) would like to be seconded to NUS during our 6 month sabbaticals. I was prepared to head over to UNSW Asia but aiyah that institution collapsed quite spectacularly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wainism View Post

    I studied in Spore but have many friends who studied abroad.Out of their comfort zone, forced to eek a living out.I totally support and am for the idea of studying overseas.Because it simply gives you the chance for LEARNING things that you can never STUDY.

    I would advise you, if you have the financial means to do it, to go overseas for studies. Because honestly, unless you're aiming for the govt sector and want to work there in a stable but boring job all the way till you collect your CPF, then stay in spore and mug for your first class honours. Otherwise, go overseas and be truly educated.

    I wish you well

    One more thing, many people are concerned with the starting pay and the first job that you can get. Overseas grad may be viewed in a lesser light than local grads because many people have this microscopic view that overseas certs can be bought. But your experience and informal learning overseas will shine thru, and in the end, most of the time you will perform better and probably get a better ENDING job.

    Please note the difference in LEARNING and STUDYING. Grades arent everything.
    Agreed to the above post.
    Go overseas. USA > UK > Aust
    Aust if you are on budget, USA / UK if you have more $$.

    You will meet and make friends with people from all over the world. People with ideas and cultures that you will never get to experience in a local uni. You will learn how to survive on your own starting from buying your own utensils and plates to doing laundry and paying rent.

    Just make sure the uni you choose is a reputable one, and try not to hang out with Singaporeans only.

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