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    I love taking fireworks photos but really have no idea how to take a good one. Either there's shutter delay and I dun get the photos I want or the photo taken is blur. How do I take a good photo? I know this may be the thousandth time someone has posted this question but please help. The article on ClubSnap is already dated cos hardly anybody uses the film these days. I am using Sony DSC-W50 cybershot hence can anyone guide me to use this camera correctly to take a good quality fireworks photo?

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    get a tripod if you haven't yet got one.. the W50 should have some fireworks mode, set it up on a tripod and it should take care of itself..

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    another thread?

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    See my Photo Gallery at the Clubsnap

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    Please refer to this link in Night Photography for some website on Fireworks Photography.
    Hope that help.
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