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Thread: Need advise on decision

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    Default Need advise on decision

    Up for you, bro.

    Tough decision.

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    Default Re: Need advise on decision

    Quote Originally Posted by Reliance View Post
    Up for you, bro.

    Tough decision.
    Thank guys. Anymore comment from those in teaching??

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    Default Re: Need advise on decision

    In weighing your career options, seeing that you have not really had much work experience, I can't help but wonder if you have stumbled onto teaching because the job options were limited. DO YOU LIKE CHILDREN? If you aim to be good as a teacher and be able to keep at it in the long haul, you got to answer this question. You got to ask yourself if this is what you really want to do.

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    Default Re: Need advise on decision

    Quote Originally Posted by song View Post
    Unfortunately, the situation is not as what u think. I have tried teaching for 2yrs. I have been rated as good by my longterm relief school hod in handling lower sec express and normal academic. That is why i am joining initially. I am not that crappy as what you have described.
    Maybe there's some misunderstanding.

    'Crappy' as in joining Teaching simply for the thought of 'an iron rice bowl' mentality.

    now, my contact is offering me an RA position to help out in cancer diagnostic research. I know if i finished my teaching bond in 4yrs time, i would not be able to do any research at all. This is a chance to use what i have been learning in the past 4yrs. On the other hand, the other party is not recognising my 4yrs of learning. The irony is that MOE recognise a B.Eng (bioengineering) for teaching Biology and Maths but they cannot recognise M.Sc (Biomedical) for Biology and Maths. They claimed that i did not do Bio in A level and in my basic degree so not good enough. On top of that, i checked with them that my teaching bond has not started yet.

    So what do you guys suggest and advise me?
    Well, my advice to u: What do you want for yourself?

    On one hand, its passing on ur teaching to the next generation.
    On the other hand, its using ur studies to apply to a field of continued research to help millions of cancer sufferers around the world.

    Which one do YOU think would enable u to fuel ur passion?

    P/S: U've been teaching for 2yrs so I guess u shld know very well about the bureaucracy and all its nuances so I wun go thru the same thing.

    Its a tough choice. But in this case, u really have to ask urself. U can get a high pay, but after 3yrs, 10yrs on the job, its really about how u FEEL about the job as a whole.

    My 2 cents.

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    Default Re: Need advise on decision

    any teachers to comment more?

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    Default Re: Need advise on decision

    Quote Originally Posted by song View Post
    any teachers to comment more?
    are there few teachers in clubsnap? how come no reply or comment from them?

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    Default Re: Need advise on decision

    As a fellow researcher...

    You really need to choose to do something that you like.

    Reality has to strike you that there is a limit to how much of your research experience you can share with your sec. level students.

    If you really want to share your research knowledge, the poly level is the way to go. With in-depths modules, final year projects, practicals galore and industrial attachments. Can't be a poly lecturer now? Go be the RA and get real work experience, then you'll be really 'qualified' to teach future researchers what you know.

    You already show that you are not happy with the subjects given to you by NIE. As some have said also, nowadays, there is no such thing as iron rice bowl. For us, it's just whether u get more monthly pay w/o benefits and bonuses or lesser monthly with all the additionals.

    You need to do alot of thinking about what you will see yourself doing down the line. Not just what happens to pop up now. That's whats contributing to your confusion.

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    Default Re: Need advise on decision

    Quote Originally Posted by song View Post
    are there few teachers in clubsnap? how come no reply or comment from them?
    actually there are quite a few teachers in CS, one of our moderators is one...

    I am too new a teacher to give you any comments...

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    Default Re: To stay in MOE or not? advise needed

    Please be advised that other than private time, teachers also have to come up with private money to fund their operations.

    It is widespread that teachers have to pay for their own stationery, pens, pencils, red pens to mark books etc. When the school has "decorate your classroom" initiatives, teachers have to fork out the costs of vanguard sheets, staplers etc. In extreme cases, teachers have to even fork out the costs of printing paper to print worksheets for their students to do. When you are sent on outside courses, there is no reimbursement for transport or parking.

    Hence, yet another factor when considering your options.

    Quote Originally Posted by song View Post
    Another issue is teaching is iron rice bowl. No need to find a new job every 2yrs.... On top, i find most teacher have difficulties getting life outside school. at any moment, the school will eat into your private time. Weekend camp?, weekend rehearsal for school function? remedial class till nite @9pm for graduating class...etc. school holiday now must bring students to overseas etc.. training in the middle of holiday and then your whole vacation is burned and etc.

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    Default Re: Need advise on decision

    hi song,

    surprisingly, my surname is also song. I have no idea who u are. LOL!

    but then again..i understand your pain.

    and yes...30 years and with a MSc biomed with a great interest and passion so blardy familiar to me!

    I'm with an MSc ..... and am a research associate in an ex famous company (that came out recently on newspapers too and we....lets just leave it as that) now am inside the HUGE association.

    What the public and most people including people from CS assume, that there's no such jobs that gives u a rather stable job.....this statement is so wrong. in actuality, there ARE jobs that gives u quite a bowl..maynot be iron bowl, maybe plastic bowl...but definitely a STRONGER bowl than the research option.

    Lets compare the amount of time u study for a Biomed MSc. remember, u've already embarked on projects that requires u to think and plan and carry out experiments that would prove/disproof a certain hypothesis so technically, u are supposed to be knowledgeable enuf to plan and decide on experiments that may impact the life of people.

    heck, u may be dealing with the most pathogenic strain of bacteria? or a virus like SARS which if u're not up to the mark, may cause u problems like infections and so on and so forth. Hence the risk is high.

    for a start,
    (okay, i'm not being biased, but just for comparison sake,) Lets compare your studies to a basic MBBS or Engineer. u may study for 6 years (4 years BSc(hons) + 2-3 years MSc?)
    a doc studies for 5 years (4 years + 1 year Housemanship), and an engineer (3 years + 1 years Hons ).

    lets be frank much does a fresh MBBS grad earn? for a start?
    2.8?2.9? how about a civil engineer? prolly slightly less than that?

    now, for a BSc (Hons), depending on where u are, u earn about 2.2-2.5, while a MSc can earn from 2.3-3.

    so if u equate them, a MSc = to a fresh MBBS or just slightly higher than a Fresh BEng.

    now lets talk about increment which again depending on company.

    the general consensus that the public view regards to research is that of glamourous high paying jobs. the truth, however is the completely opposite. If ur'e a FT, u'll prolly be a high profile fella and that would translate to high paying job. this discipline is a whiteman's original game.there is alot more stuff that meets the, journal publications .....

    If u're not a FT, are u someone who is so brilliant in RESULTS from your A levels? your Undergrads? if so, u stand a slight chance being a scholar and MAY earn that much in the future if u go all the way up.
    If u're not a FT and NOT fantastic in grades but is so competent in your practical capability and maybe u've got brilliant ideas....then.....yes, u MAY be heard, if ur boss is your breath.

    So, while a doc/engineer and heck SALES reps can get Great increments? lemme be very frank with you....a MSc in life science? prolly a hundred so bucks? as increment. u're looking for at least a thousand? ....wishful thinking.

    for me, past 2 years, i did not even sniff any increment! (and thats a private company). yet the company has so much and so huge potential that attracted alot of interest! real investment....

    hence, i'd like to dispel the notion that if u work 101% harder than normal, you can get recognized.

    i put this to you as someone from this field locally for sometime now.....

    To the top dudes of companies,
    MSc = overpaid Hons, underqualified PhDs.

    your choice of MSc Biomed/NIE teaching is rather simple.

    1) your priorities....if u intend to continue till u get a Permanent Head Damage? then go the MSc road and suffer the low pay until u get a chance to be salaryless and continue to study for the highest degree..... and THEN maybe u have a chance to compete for higher bucks. (but DEFINITELY not as much as a MD of an enginnering company nor a surgeon) in terms of economics, your time investment in skills and knowledge doesn't pay in this discpline.

    2) Money or knowledge......
    Money? least its firmer than research.
    knowledge?.... at the expense of money....

    if after all the thoughts, u still think u're so damn keen on research and long tedious hours and effort with zilch recognition, then lets just say, u just became an artiste

    Research is science in principle, but its art in fundamentals. u need s h*tloads of creative juices or just a spark of pure genius to think about something so radical that can change human lives.....ah...then u become famous and maybe rich........

    but its okay....after u're long gone from Mother Earth, your name will be recognized as somebody who did contribute to trying to improve lives of humans, trying to give docs new medicines to treat patients, trying to give humans a prosthetic device that will help them walk and self releasing inflammation suppressants........ etc....

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    Default Re: Need advise on decision

    Well said Plsoong.... as i said earlier. U better make sure you are earning enough if not no matter how much u loved your job, you will hate it once u realise you are in a dead end route that cannot offer advancement or pay increment and despite the idealists who say that money is not important. Esp in Singapore, Money is damn important.

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    Default Re: Need advise on decision

    Well you really need to WANT to teach. If it's just an 'escape', you're gonna hate it. The admin work can be a killer in itself.

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