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    Been trying to solve this but no success so far... Hope someone could kindly help me out..

    When you want to display your images in a slideshow, say using ProShow, Picassa, etc, how do you specify that you want them to be shown at their true sizes? That is, all my images are deliberately resized at a much smaller resolution from the original. So when I opened them in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, they appear less than full screen which is what I want.

    But problem with the slideshow programs is that, when they play the same images, they will automatically increase the images' sizes to full screen. Of course this will cause the image to look pixeliated since the resolution is not large to begin with.

    Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!! Thanks...

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    hey my number is 96623509 call me and i can guide u out a little in picasa
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