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    Hi! just gone digital and printed my first prints out. they seem nice and sharp and colors seem good as well. now the question is, with all the talk abt color management and all, i am blur whether i need to read up on those....and if so, where are good sites to start?

    second, does setting the camera to use adobergb result in better pictures than if one sets it at srgb? the nikon d100 manual states that as a rough guide, use srgb for normal stuffs and adobergb if heavy post processing is done....

    hope those colour management gurus out there can advise.


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    Color management can probably be categorised as an ART rather than a science, IMO.

    Some sites & articles on color management (there are probably lots more) - - lots of imaging-related info.

    Luminous Landscape also has a number of tutorials related to digital photography.

    The difference between AdobeRGB and sRGB is the range of colors that they cover - AdobeRGB has a wider gamut (range), thus is able to reproduce more accurate color nuances. There is a very in-depth article on color gamuts at

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    I strongly, strongly, very strongly recommend this book. It teaches everything you want to know about color management, profiles and the various modes, strength, weakness and a lot of stuff. Computer Book Centre is selling this book too. out of 5 for it.


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