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Thread: Buffet Dinner - Hidden Cost?

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    the best buffet steamboat IMHO is Chong Qing Ma La steamboat at Liang Seah St. there are 3 of them with the same name along the same row facing Shaw Towers (the one with the Shaw cinemas). Go for the one in the middle with the name F&J cafeteria.

    it's $15 nett including free flow lime juice or chestnut drink. shiokness!
    I second this. We were scouting for a place to eat with our overseas guests, and our first choice was actually TS's steamboat place. Went in to check out the variety, only so so. Upon hearing the $10 for soup, my fiancee and I turn away disgusted.

    Went around the corner and chanced upon Chong Qing Ma La, decided to eat there as the variety seems pretty good. Luckily we came early (6+), by the time we started eating there was a long queue of people.

    Chong Qing Ma La is definitely gonna be another place we are going back again. Thinking about it makes me want to go later!

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    No wonder they call themselves tian tian and always advertise. so ppl think is nice.

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