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Thread: 我中了暗箭。。。。。。

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    Default 我中了暗箭。。。。。。

    Today i walk past a perfume shop, i notice a nice smell, so i commented good but too ex i cannot afford it. 5 mins later, police caught me saying i stole the perfume, which i did not, cos when i commented i cannot afford it, the staff already planted a poor thief images on me inside her head, so when things got missing, i am the first one been thought of.

    When i post something in a thread, my sentences tends to be short, and mostly sacarstic.

    But that does not give those 小人 any excuse of trying to discord my relationships with my colleagues.

    To those 背着别人放暗箭的人, nice try, keep trying.

    To mod, pls deregister me, cos i know the more i post, the more arrows i will get.

    Serious, deregister me...............since u guys always dun like me when i am blue smurf.
    Eat breath LIVERPOOL!!!

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    Default Re: 我中了暗箭。。。。。。

    why there are always such ppl ard, and i hope that CS will be a better place for ppl, rather then let those small ppl flaming ppl ard.
    Eat breath LIVERPOOL!!!


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