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Thread: Where to find 4LR44 battery for older cameras?

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    Default Where to find 4LR44 battery for older cameras?

    I need to get 4LR44 6V batteries for my old Fujica camera but I can't find them nowadays.

    I've tried using 4 individual LR44 1.5vbutton cells in series and they worked for a while but they got accidentally shorted one day because the spacer I put to maintain contact went out of position.

    Does anyone know of a source for such batteries or do I have to tape my LR44s and ensure that they don't come loose next time?

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    just try camera shops... I got mine (can't remember if it is a no brand or a panasonic) for about $8.

    the camera shop is near my place.

    if you can't find me, email me and I try to help you get from this shop.

    I'm in Hougang.
    36frames Wedding Photography -
    rueyloon -

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    Thanks for you offer. I have not seen it in the neighbourhood shops ard my place. Was wondering if shops like TCW would have it.

    Will you be at the seed tomorrow?

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    You might want to check Mustafa out. I bought 2 4LR44 batteries from there two weeks ago at 3 dollars each, very reasonable price. Sim Lim tower's shop sells them too, but I am not sure about the price.


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    $3? That's cheap. Guess I really have to try make a trip down someday.


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