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Thread: Shell-Moe Band Fiesta

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    Default Shell-Moe Band Fiesta

    Hi folks, i happen to know of this event while walking around Singapore Botanic Garden.

    Its held at 8-july-07 and 15-july-07, on the sundays.
    Venue is at Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage
    Time starts from 5pm, ending at 7pm.

    A total of 10 secondary school bands are involved. 5 on each sunday. The following sunday, which is the 15-july, schools such as Cresent Girls, Yuhua Secondary, Swiss Cottage Secondary, St Andrew/s Secondary and Ping Yi Secondary will be performing.

    As the stage is quite far away from the sitting areas, a focal length of at least 200mm f2.8 is needed as lighting is quite poor if its cloudy. Stage light does not help much.

    I think only official approved photograhers are allowed on the stage. Can someone confirm?

    Anyway, its quite a interesting performance, not those strictly sitting on the chairs playing with the equipment, some element of suprises always spring up. Its a competition between these 10 secondary schools.

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    Default Re: Shell-Moe Band Fiesta

    Sure brings back fond memories during my JC days... Anyway thanks for the info and the tip, I'll try to be there!
    Dun blame the camera...blame the one behind the viewfinder :bsmilie:
    My Flickr..pls leave comments!


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