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Thread: mini Mac ..... problem again

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    Default mini Mac ..... problem again

    Replaced my HD some 6 months ago and last week couldn't start the mini ..... keep getting the message .... "restart ...."
    what's the problem? ... any experts here care to assess?
    send it to the service centre again or just trash it away?....
    always the Light, .... always.

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    Default Re: mini Mac ..... problem again

    Got rumour that new iMac coming out... trash mac mini and get a new iMac!!!

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    Default Re: mini Mac ..... problem again

    Can u boot from your start up disk? Run the Apple Hardware Test (see the label on start up disk for instructions) and see. Can also try zapping PRAM (hold down cmd-option-P-R on start up and wait for 3 start up chimes before releasing) HTH


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