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    Here are lines made up from vcd cases.
    i prefer it in b&w so here you are, lines in b&w.

    welcome any c&c.


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    IMO there isn't a large enough tonal range to make this image look striking in BnW, though considering your subject of choice colour may not necessarily be better. Overall, image is rather bland to be frank.

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    hmm kinda agree with stoned. think a little levelling will do the trick in PS. hope you don't mind me kop-ing yr image to try out..

    im no pro, but think it looks a tad better here

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    no problem, but from my understanding i don't think Stoned is
    talking about this.
    level will just make the brighten or darken light/dark areas.

    white or black each actually carries a different range,
    as for black it is from a range of light gray to black and he
    refers tonality to that. correct me if i misinterpret you.

    see simple grayscale here:

    in my image, there isn't enough shades to make it outstanding
    so as the subject itself matters.
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