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Thread: What do u use?

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    Default What do u use?

    hi bros
    im new here looking for i new cam, so need ur help on this, What r u guys using?

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    Default Re: What do u use?

    350D, what's your budget and usage like?

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    Default Re: What do u use?

    Welcome to Clubsnap.
    I will move this thread to Newbie Corner instead so that you can get more advice on what camera you might consider buying.
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    Hi James,

    Welcome to ClubSnap.

    Currently, I am using the Konica Minolta X60 (PnS), Minolta 505si Super (Film SLR), Konica Minolta Dynax 5D (dSLR) and Konica Minolta Dynax 7D (dSLR). Moving to Sony (which has bought over Konica Minolta) soon.

    Enjoy your stay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesicecool View Post
    hi bros
    im new here looking for i new cam, so need ur help on this, What r u guys using?
    What's your budget and what do you feel is important.

    Asking which is better will start a flame war... Its best if you're buying a DSLR , to head down and try it yourself.

    Im using a nikon D50 , fujifilm s5500 compact , a Kodak C553 PnS , Sony HDR videocam (sis's one) and my sony ericsson k618i for pictures. yes, even my handphone as photography..

    each brand has its advantages and disadvantages. what you NEED is to head down and try the camera yourself. no point in us telling you which is the best . at the end of the day, the best is YOU , not the camera

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    your question too vague..pls provide more inputs

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    dslr entry model : nikon d40 , canon 400d , olympus e500( fill me in ) , sony alpha , panasonic L1 ?

    Pns : Panasonic Lx1 or 2 , canon G7 , nikon p5000

    Higher class point and shoot : Ricoh Grd , Ricoh Gx100 (i refer to much more expensive than normal pns )

    Prosumer : Canon powershot series , olympus sp550 ,fujifilm.

    * this the suggestion of camera you should look at.

    I use d50 , bessa r2a. Canon t90 and ae-1 program which is fd mount so i dont really have to go for canon when go digital , thus go for d50.


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