heard from yesterday news that the aftermath of the concert is scary , esp the amount of waste generated .

green earth concert seems more like a concentrated project to generate waste.

eg when i buy food to tabao back to office , the sellers put in the wooden chopsticks n plastic spoon, i gave them back n i m still getting looks from people on why i refuse those things. to them i m the weirdo. but i still generate waste in the plastic containers n the plastic bags thats given to me. maybe should get my own containers in the future.

even when i buy noodle to dine in at food courts i can only get disposable wooden chopsticks, i end up using metal forks from other stall, n this 1 time a mother commented to her son , this : "see, u noe why i teach u how to use chopsticks , if not like him dun noe how to use chopsticks have to use metal forks, chinese must learn how to use chopsticks if not lose face." n all this while i sitting within hearing distance

ahahahahah , i guess that life with people from all sorts of opinions.