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Thread: Singapore Heritage Festival Performances Schedule

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    July 20, 2007 at Suntec City as obtained from festival's guide book

    Dance of Rhythm (Taal Badh Naach)
    Performer: Concord Primary School
    Performance: 20 July, Friday 12 noon

    A dazzling display of youthful vibrancy, these little performers dance to the entrancing beat of drums and folk music, in celebration of a joyous occasion.

    Kentungan Buluh (Rhythms of Bamboos)
    Performer: West View Primary School
    Performance: 20 July, Friday 12.30pm

    Treat yourself to the fascinating sounds made by the bamboo. Be charmed by the melodious music as dancers hit the bamboos to produce different and unique sounds.

    Performer: North Vista Secondary School
    Performance: 20 July, Friday 1pm

    Flowing seamlessly through stages of inertia and movement, you’ll be mesmerised as these dancers enter the illusive realm of fantasies and dreams.

    Hokkien Opera: The Haunted Temple
    Performer: Chinese Opera Institute
    Performance: 20 July, Friday 6.30pm

    Adapted from the Shaw Brothers’ popular movie in the ‘60s, this dynamic and boisterous operatic version offers a refreshing look at traditional opera.

    Medley of Singapore Tunes
    Performer: TAS Youth Ensemble
    Performance: 20 July, Friday 7pm

    Tap your feet and sway to these lively rhythms from timeless Theresa Teng and Singapura medleys, to well-loved tunes like Singapore Town and Moments of Magic, to local Mandarin pop.

    Performer: Apsara Asia
    Performance: 20 July, Friday 7.30pm

    Silverscreen brings to life movies that were shown at cinemas of yesteryear. Featuring classic moments from these golden movies, songs associated with these celluloid gems will
    come alive through dance numbers. Be transported back to the good old days at Silverscreen!

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    July 21, 2007 at Suntec City as obtained from festival's guide book

    Reminesy Pongal
    Performer: Apsara Arts
    Performance: 21 July, Saturday 2.30pm

    Catch the spirited celebrations of Pongal! An annual thanksgiving festival celebrated in a grand scale by farmers in India. Watch the men sing, dance and praise Mother Nature for her wonderful blessings and words of greetings exchanged for a blissful life ahead.

    Performer: National Junior College
    Performance: 21 July, Saturday 3pm

    Enjoy an afternoon of eclectic music by the NJC Angklung ensemble under the tutelage of conductor Mr Dzulkifli Rabull Jalel. From traditional Malay songs to English pop, pop rock and hip hop, let the soothing strains of the angklung, accompanied by the Box Drum, Rebana and
    Kulintangs enthrall you.

    Guitar Renditions of Singapore Lives
    Performers: Omar Abu Bakar and Alex Abisheganaden
    Performance: 21 July, Saturday 4pm

    Presented by the Toa Payoh Guitar Club, be spellbound by the melodies of Omar Abu Bakar,
    one of the very few Singapore-based solo classical guitarists who excel in the genre of pop music and Alex Abisheganaden, the guitar and bass legend of Singapore. Experience their passion and their love for music in this unique duo recital.

    Radio Show by Larry Lai
    Performer: Larry Lai
    Performance: 21 July, Saturday 4.30pm
    Radio presenter and host of the then-POSB Show, Larry Lai will share with you interesting stories of his life as a presenter and the songs that touched his life. Be entertained by the ever-vivacious man when he performs live on stage - complete with a 3-piece band and a singer!

    Growing Pains
    Performer: The Baba Cultures
    Performance: 21 July, Saturday 5.30pm
    Fun for the whole family, this Peranakan skit reminisces the childhood days of a Peranakan and captures the essence of growing up in a conservative Peranakan family.

    Cantonese Opera: Adventure of General Di Qing
    Performer: Chinese Theatre Circle
    Performance: 21 July, Saturday 6pm

    In an absorbing tale of warring times, betrayal, quick wit and filial piety, lap up the adventures of General Di Qing, a famous general in the Song Dynasty of China. Assuming the role of the imposing General is Chinese Theatre Circle’s (CTC) lead actor, Mr Frances Wong Kum Yeng. Playing opposite to him as Princess Shang Yang is the international award-winning CTC’s lead actress, Ms See Too Hoi Siang. Don’t miss this brilliant performance by these artful masters!

    Maharashtran and Laya Peheli
    Performer: Indian Temple of Fine Arts
    Performance: 21 July, Saturday 7pm

    The Maharashtran Dance is a folk dance from the Koli fishermen living in Maharashtra while
    Laya Paheli (A Riddle of Rhythms) is a showcase of the different levels of the tabla exprience. One electrifyingly vibrant and the other gracefully profound, it’ll be a whole new
    experience watching these two performances.

    Lindy Hop Fusion
    Performer: ACTFA Lindy Hop Ensemble
    Performance: 21 July, Saturday 7.30pm

    Renowned for their unique brand of Singapore-flavoured Lindy Hop, the ACTFA Lindy Hop Ensemble will make you groove along with the hilarious and inimitable Hokkien “Beng” and his happy band of “Sengs” and “Lians” as they celebrate the thrills of superstardom. Don’t feel like dancing? By the end of this song, we guarantee you will.

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    July 22, 2007 at Suntec City as obtained from festival's guide book

    Spicy Salsa
    Performer: School of Dance and Performing Arts
    Performance: 22 July, Sunday 1pm

    Dance away with our dancers featuring the current trendy dances of today such as Salsa, Rueda, Bachata, Merengue, Argentine Tango & Hip Hop.

    Festive Drum
    Performer: ZingO
    Peformance: 22 July, Sunday 1.30pm

    Known as Jie Ling Gu in Mandarin, Festive Drum is a popular Chinese cultural art with a very distinctive local contemporary interpretation. Let the talented performers from ZingO impress you with their resounding brand of music!

    Eurasian Fiesta!
    Performer: Eurasian Association
    Performance: 22 July, Sunday 2pm

    Spend an enjoyable Sunday afternoon filled with catchy songs in Kristang, Spanish and English with dance steps from the Portuguese Jingkli Nona! A delightful musical performance by the Eurasian Association Performing Arts Chapter, it’s a great opportunity to take a peek into the dynamic Eurasian culture!

    Sounds of New Asia
    Performer: Gamelan Asmaradana
    Performance: 22 July, Sunday 3pm

    Go on a musical journey with the divine music from a mix of Asian-ethnic instruments like the er-hu, suling, sitar, guzheng, kompangs, and the gamelan. The repertoire includes popular folk songs and new compositions.

    Past Forward
    Performer: Apsara Asia
    Performance: 22 July, Sunday 3.30pm

    How have performances of the past evolved and influenced what we watch and hear today? What’s the relevance of traditional genres of performance in today’s pop culture? Past Forward invites you to experience the similarities, feel the youth culture and witness the evolution. Besides traditional and modern dances performed side by side, a deejay will also be spinning a mix of nostalgic and modern music as dancers take to the dance floor.

    Teochew Opera: Fire at the Riverside Pavilion
    Performer: Chinese Opera Institute
    Performance: 22 July, Sunday 4.30pm

    This is an operatic adaptation of the first Teochew opera movie first shown in the cinema in Singapore in 1959. This opera also represented Singapore at the Liverpool International Theatre Festival.

    Open Air “Wayang” - Wayang Ten Cents
    Performer: Sri Warisan Som Said Performing Arts
    Performance: 22 July, Sunday 5pm

    Hark back to the early 50’s when watching Malay films was an affordable form of entertainment for kampong folks. In this heart-warming enactment, villagers young and old will come equipped with stools, mats and tidbits for a relaxing evening of Malay movies – in authentic kampong style!

    Let The Fingers Do The Talking!
    Performers: Maniam and Choy
    Performance: 22 July, Sunday 5.30pm

    Don’t miss this opportunity to catch a mask-changing performance with a difference! Instead of conventional Chinese classical music, the team will be playing house music with the Egyptian tabla and accompanied by the stunning antics of the mask-changer. The first-of-its-kind in Asia, this interesting performance is a must-see for everyone.

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    July 27, 2007 at Suntec City as obtained from festival's guide book

    The Weavers’ Delight
    Performer: West Spring Secondary School
    Performance: 27 July, Friday 12 noon

    This is a story about a group of beautiful ladies weaving a piece of cloth. Share with them their joy and satisfaction when they ultimately weave an abundance of cloth.

    Kampong in the ‘50s
    Performer: Sri Purnama Seni
    Performance: 27 July, Friday 12.30pm

    Re-live memories of kampong days in the ‘50s where men went rubber tapping, ladies worked in the rice fields and children played. Join them as they unwind in the evening, listening to traditional kompang music accompanied by dances and silat performances while at a special feast at the ‘Penghulu’s’ house.

    Xinyao Melodies
    Performer: Echo Music
    Performance: 27 July, Friday 6.30pm

    A rendition of locally composed xinyao that reigned in the local Mandarin music scene in the ‘80s. Hum along to well-loved numbers from Liang Wen Fu, Eric Moo, Wu Jiaming and Zheng Zhan Lun.

    Performer: Bhaskar’s Arts Academy
    Performance: 27 July, Friday 7pm

    Therukkoothu is a dynamic form of traditional Tamil street theatre. It is a colourful mix of dialogue, action, song and dance. A storyteller or jester mediates between the audience and actors and often injects humour into the classical stories being enacted. Join us for a jolly evening!

    The Folk Jazz Ensemble
    Performer: The Folk Jazz Ensemble
    Performance: 27 July, Friday 7.30pm

    It’s a night of perfect music enjoyment by these high-calibre musicians. Mr Alex Abisheganadan on acoustic guitar, Professor Joe Peters on double bass, Mr Jibby Jacobs (Media Corp) on violin, Maestro Anbarasan (Sam) on sitar and Maniam on percussions, plus, Professor Victor Savage (vocals) will thrill you with their combined musical wizardry.

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    July 28, 2007 at Suntec City as obtained from festival's guide book

    Rhythm Masala
    Performer: Rhythm Masala
    Performance: 28 July, Saturday 2pm

    A combustible fusion of multi-ethnic drumming. Be blown away by this power-packed percussion performance.

    Nritta Vandhana
    Performer : East Spring Primary School
    Performance : 28 July, Saturday 2.30pm

    This performance features the Oddissi dance form, an Indian classical dance style from the Eastern state of Orissa in India. The dancers offer their salutations to the audience with the rhythmic aspect of dance, Nritta. Join in the gaiety in this colourful and vibrant dance that involves the rhythmic coordinated movements of every part of the body.

    Performer: NUS Chinese Dance
    Performance: 28 July, Saturday 3pm

    Fully illustrating the fluidity and charm of the elements of wind and water, you’ll be spellbound by the grace these dancers exude.

    Wajahku or Faces
    Performer: Lianhua Primary School
    Performance: 28 July, Saturday 4pm

    Wajahku depicts the array of children’s facial expressions as they go through life. Bold movements and the use of black and white masks express the joy or unpleasant moments experienced by children while growing up. Creative energy is transformed into a vibrant dance that represents every facet of life.

    Huang Mei Opera: The Butterfly Lovers
    Performer: Chinese Opera Institute
    Performance: 28 July, Saturday 4.30pm

    Immerse yourself in this heart-breaking romance of The Butterfly Lovers, a popular Hong Kong movie in the early ‘60s, performed by the Chinese Opera Institute.

    Retro ‘70s
    Performer: Sri Mahligai
    Performance: 28 July, Saturday 5.30pm

    A real treat for fans of classic ‘70s Malay tunes! Put on your afro hairdo and platform shoes and dance to the delightful tunes from pop to mambo and disco by well-loved performers such as M Daud Kilau, J Mizan and Black Dog Bone.

    Indian Martial Arts
    Performer: Kalari Payat Silambam Centre
    Performance: 28 July, Saturday 6pm

    Meaning “Battle Field Training”, come find out the secret of Kalari-Payat – the ability to defend oneself by converting the opponent’s strength and force and using it to your advantage. This demonstration will feature the correct techniques of effective squeezes, locks, throws, kicks and blows of Kalari-Payat.

    People and Memories
    Performer: Sriwana
    Performance: 28 July, Saturday 7pm

    Learn about the events of the ‘50s and ‘60s that had an impact on the local arts scene during these two decades through this dance musical. Take a joy ride to the past with glimpses of sultry “Happy World”, nostalgic snippets of Geylang Serai and many more.

    Performer: Kohinoor Bhangra Troupe
    Performance: 28 July, Saturday 7.30pm

    Bhangra is the traditional dance form where revellers beat the dhol drum, sing and dance in celebration of the incoming wheat harvest. And when the infectious Bhangra rhythm is infused with Western popular music, you get an ultra modern Bhangra movement! This special performance features a prerecorded mix of the dhol with synthesizers and elements of Reggae, Hip-Hop, Disco, Techno, House and Rap music.

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    July 29, 2007 at Suntec City as obtained from festival's guide book

    Kids Dragon Dance
    Performer: Wen Yang Lion Dance Troupe
    Performance: 29 July, Sunday 1pm

    Choreographed by Mr Jeffrey Tan, this special routine includes 3 special dragons dancing in
    synchronisation to the familiar Chinese orchestra music “Feng Shou Luo Gu”. Show your support for students who are between the ages of 7 and 12 from the only Kids Dragon Dance Team in Singapore.

    Janur Berseni
    Performer: Sriwana
    Performance: 29 July, Sunday 1.30pm
    Learn how the Malay dance has evolved with this dance showcase that traces the development of the basic traditional dance movements to what it is today. Learn how the five basic dance movements of Inang, Joget, Zapin and Masri etc. have been given a fresh interpretation to reflect the changing tastes of society.

    Kathakali: The Slaying of Demon Bega
    Performer: Bhaskar’s Arts Academy
    Performance: 29 July, Sunday 2pm

    Come prepared to be wowed by extraordinary costumes, fantastic headdresses and elaborate make-up! One of the most popular stories in traditional Kathakali, this is a tale from the epic Mahabharata. A tale of human kindness and triumph over evil, expect to be mesmerised by lots of action, adventure and excitement!

    Senses, Ceremonies & Celebrations
    Performer: Apsara Asia
    Performance: 29 July, Sunday 3pm

    This dance beautifully weaves together the sights, smells and sounds of customary traditions and festivities of Gujarati, Punjabi and Bengali traders of the early 1900s. Performed in three scenes, each is a valuable heritage lesson in its own right

    A Twist of Music
    Performer: Budak Pantai
    Performance: 29 July, Sunday 3.30pm

    Budak Pantai is the second oldest acappella group in Singapore. Formed in 1994, they are hailed as the “fathers” of local acappella music. Known as “professional yet eccentric” and believers of the freedom to express almost every song they arrange. Be thrilled by the new arrangements that they have inject into this new repertoire.

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    was there today. the exhibition alone is not bad already.. those who dont like to shoot "performance" can look at this. lots of closeups to shoot.

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    free right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by compro_1975 View Post
    free right?
    Yes Bro. It's free!!
    Nikomi Canpen Zenten :eek:
    Not exactly 100% Natural but definitely the closest you can get to it

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    whos going where ? which one ?...

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    Thank you for the info.

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    Pretty good for photographic opps.. u guys might need a wide angle though cos the place is pretty tight..and from a performer's point of view, sound system was pretty bad!


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