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Thread: Misinterpretation? Discrimination? No, the problem is the understanding of English!

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    Default Re: Misinterpretation? Discrimination? No, the problem is the understanding of Englis

    Quote Originally Posted by Pablo View Post
    Reading all of this it appears that you have made your point.

    Why continue and attract only criticism.

    Move on
    It is because there are still portions which are not addressed to.

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    Default Re: Misinterpretation? Discrimination? No, the problem is the understanding of Englis

    Hi Fumiryu,

    I reckon your postings of the threads were all taken from another forum? While i applaud your efforts in diligently reposting everything, making sure nothing is "lost in translation", I do not, however, see the need for you to come here and seek support or gain approval for your point of view.

    If you wish to post a picture and seek views here on CS, so be it. But if you are using CS to assist in clearing our name or for any other purposes, then i suggest you seek another platform because this is obviously not the place for it.

    You may have good intentions i reckon but I do not find a single ounce of it in the way you have tried to convey the message. In fact, your original caption in deviantart states, "Are you going to be like him?"

    How presumptuous of you to even ask such a question. You know not of his background or history, let alone his life story. Who are you to judge him and what he does? What's wrong being like him? if fate has dealt him a bad hand or circumstances dictates that he has to do what he does, who are you to say otherwise? Not everyone is lucky enough to have an education which allows them to sign on with a uniformed service and earn a regular income. In fact, if by a twist of fate, you were born in another country or in a less privileged family, can you imagine where you could have ended up?

    Nonetheless, you are entitled to your view but I am closing your thread simply because it is pointless. The original forum where this thread/posting was posted has been shut down and that should have been laid to rest. There is no point going on because you are of the view that you are right and have not mis-phrased anything and you only had the best of intentions in sharing that photo while the common sentiment seem to run opposite from yours.

    Having said that, I sincerely hope you do not re-post this thread again because any further discussion of this matter will not be entertained.

    Thank you.

    PS: Regarding the small matter of "understanding" English, your caption here for this particular photo states that "Have you planned for your future? Have you planned for your retirement? If not, better do so NOW! Unless you want to end up like the old man in the picture."

    Now, if you decide to use "want to end up like..." together with a picture of an old man, then surely you must understand the negative connotations that is associated with how you phrased your caption. It is all contextual and with everything being equal, when you warn that "you should do something or else you will end up like.." it evokes a very negative emotion and reaction.

    Now, I hope that settles it once and for all. Again, if you still insist you are right, then so be it but like I have mentioned above, I will not entertain any reposting of this thread anywhere else in CS.
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