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    Hi, I am quite pazzled by what I had discover recently.

    I own a 2 Olumpus MP camera and when I shoot macro mode at the highest resolution setting, it produced a JPEG file of size 1 MB approx. Last Saturday I borrow from my friend a Canon G3, 1 4 MP camera and shoot the same object at macro mode and set at its highest resolution, it produced a JPEG file of size 0.8 MB.

    The 2 MP file is of resolution is 1600 x 1200, the 4 MP file is of 2272 x 1704. My intention is to print a postal of size A4 and a banner of Size 60 cm x 45 cm. So I think the 4 MB picture should produce a bigger file and a sharper image.

    But from the picture downloaded intoPC, the 4 MP file seems not as sharp as 2 MP file (maybe because of the depth of view is shallower in 4 MP setting). My questions are:

    1. why a 4 MP camera produce a file smalled that 2 MP camera, both using their highest resolution setting? Because of different compression ratio of JPEG?

    2. then which one is better for producing A4 and 60 cm x 45 cm banner?

    Thanks in advance.

    Sorry, wrong thread, I had posted in the tech discussion thread again. Admin pls delete this. Thanks.
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