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Thread: Sunset @ Pandan Res

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    Default Sunset @ Pandan Res

    Description: how red can the sky go.... tonite will there be rain.....
    Shoot it at 7pm+
    i shoot when i was listening to music "when u believe", is a quite a old song haaha

    C&C pls

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    Default Re: Sunset @ Pandan Res

    square crop will be nice.
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    Default Re: Sunset @ Pandan Res

    I think this is a good pic: the details and textures in the sky and the two boats in the water. Can be improved however, namely, first, to separate the two boats, so that each with its own reflection is distinct. I had difficulty seeing the two boats although I know they are. and second maybe to place the boats lower left corner to balance the landmass and low dark clouds. If you didnt try these alternative composition at capture, nothing much you can do now.

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    Default Re: Sunset @ Pandan Res

    thank for yr comment hhahhaa

    More C&C pls

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    Default Re: Sunset @ Pandan Res

    Sunset but no sun.
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    I think the crop is fine as it is.. the grey sky on top adds a bit of contrast to the reddish hue from the sunset.


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