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Thread: Dmx Fx1>> Lx2?

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    Cool Dmx Fx1>> Lx2?

    Hi bros of panasonic,i had been using this FX1 for years...still feel panasonic is still the best with"leica" lens + made in japan!! ++ its in orange!! But it sucks at nite shots so I been looking at Lx2 and most ppl say its one of the best cams in panasonic collection with it small size eazy for pocket too.Can anyone tell me more abt this cam in "nite shots" and it "price" now...last week at mustafa was going for 725++ free stuff.... As im leaving for japan next week some said its cheaper there.....

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    its the same if you only use auto mode in lx2... to achieve best quality night shot, you will still need a tripod with manual setting (set to lower ISO for longer exposure)

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    Can i check if FX01 is the same as FX1?

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatyouthinkofme View Post
    Can i check if FX01 is the same as FX1?
    They're different. DMC-FX1 was introduced in 2003 whereas DMC-FX01 introduced in 2006.

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    see how does LX2 perform compare to nikon p5000 n ricoh gx100.. here i think all lx2 owners should be smiling now..
    used Nikon, Canon, Panasonic n Oly.. now Fujifilm


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