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Thread: Flash Woes - Metz advise needed, please

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    Default Flash Woes - Metz advise needed, please

    SIGH...I had to send one of my Metz MZ series units for servicing.

    It just refused to fire one day. Even pressing the test button couldn't fire it. Flash was never banged or dropped, and was used lightly, but regularly with GP cells (the batts are fine and still working in other units). Flash is about 1-1/2 years old. 2nd time servicing. Last time similar problem and J&J upgraded the chip or something for me and it worked fine for a month or two.

    I went down to Tithes, and to cut a long storey short, even before they started working on the unit, I was informed that if it's a small job, they might be able to do it, but if it's a major problem, they have to send back to Germany, and it would cost $350.

    That was even before opening up the unit to investigate!

    Also, while waiting at their recep and getting my receipt, I was reminded about the $350 and asked again if I wanted to send it to Germany!!! Remember, this was even before the unit was opened/investigated!

    Mabbie I might have to consider other avenues. I tried doing a search here (no results) as well as calling TCW but was told had to go to the agent.

    Anyone faced this situation before or have any good Metz lobangs for repairs? I have this strange feeling I may need the name and e-mail of the president or Chairman of Metz in Germany in the near future.

    Help, please.


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    Default Re: Flash Woes - Metz advise needed, please

    Flashes are electronic products. Unlike mechanical products, typically faulty parts cannot be repaired, only replaced. They probably don't have local experts or parts to repair it here. If they have to send to Germany, it's $$$. German labour costs are high. They are only reminding you probably because there's too many incidents of customer ignorance in the past.

    Translation: take it or leave it.

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    Default Re: Flash Woes - Metz advise needed, please

    Sad to hear.

    I'm guessing the staff at Tithes isn't that knowledgeable when it comes to servicing the flash - hence the need to send back to Germany.

    I'm wondering where the old staff from J&J who services the flashses gone to.

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    Default Re: Flash Woes - Metz advise needed, please

    Anyone ever send their MZ units to anyone else other than agent for repairs/replacement parts?

    Anione? Plueezee?
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