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    I took this pict of a red fire hydrant during a recent walk around in chinatown area. the original pic was quite boring and flat so i decided to do some major PS work to it.

    appreciate any C&C on this pic, especially on:
    - PS. is it too much?
    - composition. what else can i do to bring out the fire hydrant?


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    i think the photoshop abit over the top

    the firehydrant looks very 2d, like just pasted there on a photo of a sidewalk

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    As already pointed out, if the original shot was "quite boring and flat" then wouldn't doing "major PS" be closer to painting the picture yourself? Nothing really bad about that if the intention is to create digital art pieces.
    "...not taking what one doesn't desire is the hardest thing in the world" - Albert Camus

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    thanks for the feedback.

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    Do consider a more dynamic perspective and include more of the yellow line to create more impact and visual appeal. Lean against the wall and u'll get a "the unknown road ahead" kind of feel.


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