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Thread: fisheye -> wide angle lenses

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    Default fisheye -> wide angle lenses

    guys is it possible to save money by buying fish eye lens instead of wide angle ones??

    later is it possible to use photoshop convert the image back to those similar that are taken with wide angle lenses without the convex effect??

    anybody tried?

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    Use Panotools. Just Goggle it. The magic number is 86 for the Sigma 15mm fisheye and 1.6 crop factor.

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    what is panotools?? is it a plugin for photoshop??

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    Yes, it is a PS plugin.

    Download from here (and also read the articles!):

    This one specifically for how to correct the Sigma 15mm fisheye:

    For DSLR's with 1.6 crop factor, the HFOV should be 86.

    Check out this post on dpreview:


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