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Thread: Macro...anyoone?

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    Default Macro...anyoone? a step-down ring use for marco shot...?
    if to the front end of the lens?
    i oso heard before step up ring...wats tat?
    i plannin to use a 62mm zoom for macro wats my best option?
    pls help...thks in adv..

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    The only thing that step-up and step-down rings do is to change the filter size you can use. So for example now you have 62mm filter size, normally you will need to use 62mm filters. With the right step-down ring, you will be able to use 58m filters, or with the right step-up ring, you can use 67mm filters.

    So they don't really help you with macros, unless you already have a close-up filter of the wrong size, so you need a step-up or -down ring to put it on...

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    Best is to get a dedicated Macro lens. The Tamron 90mm will be a good choice, if budget is an issue get the Sigma 70-300mm (Macro).
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    Read the Macro FAQs at

    As for step up or down ring, usually it use for different filter size.

    e.g. your lens has 67mm filter size and want to mount a 77mm filter. So you need a step-up ring from 67mm to 77mm.

    Lens > step-up ring > filter

    Why step-up ring ? Cheaper than actual size filter.
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    Hmm... how about step down ring and reverse mounting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cantaresg View Post
    Hmm... how about step down ring and reverse mounting?
    step down ring is more like a step up ring

    e.g. your lens is 67mm and want to mount a 58mm filter, you need a step down ring from 67mm to 58mm

    so lens (67mm) > step down ring (67mm-58mm) > filter (58mm)

    * pls note your lens is 67mm and mount with 58mm may result in vigetting

    reverse mounting ring is use to mount a lens reversely mainly for extreme macro photography

    2 type of rings:
    1. camera > reverse lens adapter > reversed lens
    2. camera > lens > reverse mounting ring > reversed lens

    your reversed lens is used as a closeup filter but with a higher diopter value.

    a normal closeup filter can be +1, +2, +5 up to +10

    a reversed 50mm lens can be +15 to +25
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