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    Hi guys.. im still thinking , which flash should i get ? its time to upgrade already.

    after covering 1 AD event as a backup photographer , i feel that its time to use a flash that can TTL .

    was wondering , any idea or review of this flash ?

    : Sunpak MZ440AF ? how good isit ? is it worth getting ?

    its around $2XX when i saw it first hand

    should i get that or the sb400 ?

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    What is your budget ?

    Flash photography is important for event. Recommend to invest a good flash like SB800 and a batt pack.
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    dun save money on a proper flash...since u shoot AD...min a SB800+batt pack as recomended by megaweb is the correct choice...

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    Go with the SB800 for it's bigger Guide Number (GN) and the ability to connect a battery pack, than compared with the SB400 (Smaller GN and inability to attach a battery pack).

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    metz anyone? a second 60ct4 (or the newer model which i dunno wad izzit called) if u dun mind the weight. SB800 would be a good choice also though i prefer the former.


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