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    Default guilin view

    This photo was taken during last trip in China (桂林漓江)

    The photo taken by my daughter with a P&S camera and heres' Photo Properties

    Make: Panasonic
    Camera: DMC-LC5
    Shutter: 2/1305 sec
    Aperature: f/5.37
    ExposureProgram: 2
    ISO: 100
    ShutterSpeedValue: 93/10
    ApertureValue: 24/5
    MeteringMode: 4
    Focal Length: 7.13 mm

    Appreciate and welcome your comments for her to improve
    Personally, I like this photo very much and I think it can be better and well taken


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    pls upload a smaller image file in accordance with CS guidelines. recommended 640x480 pixels, jpg.

    quite a decent attempt here. i would have liked a bit more contrast and less saturation, which can quite easily be done in post-processing.

    for better results, i would also suggest photographing the scene at different angles and under different lighting conditions, especially near daybreak or sunset.


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    wash out skies. not sharp enuf - eg the green vegetation is a bland smear when scrutinised, dull waters, no sparkle or life, like some stagnant smelling pool - I think the lighting is off. THe EXIF data got time picture taken or not?

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    How come you post for your daughter? In which case, wouldn't know what she is trying to do. I do think compositionally, its a good attempt.

    These peaks seem suggest fingers in fact with both hands facing upward so the, i'd frame the peaks and the sky with the house providing nice balance. The reflection is really poor one, so i'd rather do away with too much lake. The color looks funny which i've fixed with some hue shift below while my eyes still wonder throughout the image which is not ideal but i do see some hint of lines towards to middle of frame.

    This picture need some serious post-processing so since i was doing some learning myself, here goes (especially at this size, can still be rescued) but please use jpeg next time.

    - Auto color (i.e. just some contrast boost, maybe some reduction of exposure)
    - Shift hue by as much as 25 degrees (camera issue maybe)
    - Added vignetting to draw focus into centre of frame (enhancing those lines)
    - Noise reduction but only so much can be done
    - Smart sharpen a little but pulled back opacity (i usually do this)
    - Finally just slapped GND of Nik Color Efex

    I merely picked this format (17 by 6) because my crop was on this and couldn't be arsed figuring out the camera's natural dimensions.

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    very nice attempt, i love the mountains. is this digital, i dont know much about digital photography, the way i would have done this shot is use a spot meter and meter different parts of the scene to determine my exposure value then set my camera accordingly and for sure have used a polarizer, i think that would have made a difference, i like the picture very much, beautiful scene

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    i would like to come across this scene maybe early in the morning maybe with fog coming off the lake and have my 4x5 set up and ready to go what a shot

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    It is indeed really a beautiful place. I prefer the original picture posted by the TS. Would like to see some animals like cows, birds, .... etc in the pix.
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