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    Ok, I've been very enchanted by the spookiness of those units.. I tried to find the place using what I found from SPI pg and saw 15, 19, 23 grange road on one of the photos. But when I went there, high rise condos.. b4 that there's this big house with very dark compounds.

    I went up by St Thomas Walk as well as River Valley Grove, sort of dead end. Help!

    Seems like I found the wrong place. Dunno or anyone else who have gone there, can you provide directions? just went for recce, good thing i didn't lug my gear along if not super pek chek

    Does anyone know how to get there?
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    cross the road (devonshire road) from youth park and walk up along grange road. a few feet ahead, there's a nondescript gravel path on the left (with the no trespassing sign). walk up this path and take the first left turn. walk up this and you'll reach the mansion.

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    With so much enbloc recently... maybe that place is enbloc by SC Global liao...


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